ADLC Members

PPS thanks our generous Antoinette Downing Leadership Circle Members, who support our work with $1,000+ annual donations.

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien D. Agniel, Jr., Mr. Ian Barnacle, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. L. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Bilodeau, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Buonanno, Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burnham, Mrs. Elizabeth Chace, Ms. Judith Chace, Mr. Malcolm G. Chace, Jr., Dr. Joseph A. Chazan, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Coon, Mr. Jon-Paul Couture, Mr. Warren C. Curtis and Mr. Mark Steinbach, Dr. Anne S. De Groot, Mr. James V. DeRentis and Mr. Brett Smiley, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Baldwin Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Gilbane, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jagger, Mr. Paul Kappel and Ms. Mary Reineman, Ms. Sally Lapides and Mr. Arthur Solomon, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lee, Mr. Christopher J. Marsella, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mauran, IV, Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Moran, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Murphy, Jr., Mr. Charles O’Boyle and Mr. Richard Rambuss, Mr. Charles H. Page, Mr. and Mrs. H. LeBaron Preston, Dawn and James Robertson, Ms. Lucie G. Searle, The Sharpe Family Foundation, Dr. and Mrs. E. Paul Sorensen, Mrs. Virginia Soutter, Ms. Rita Danielle Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thomas, Ms. Melissa Trapp, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Van Noppen, Ms. Victoria Veh

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