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Westminster Street, circa 1950

249 Thayer Street

At the February 2016 City Plan Commission monthly meeting, a proposal was made to demolish the existing 1-story convenience store at 249 Thayer and replace it with a 5-story mixed-use building that would be 61 Feet tall, requiring a dimensional adjustment 11 feet above the 50 foot/four story height limit.  The commission agreed that a mixed-use building would be an improvement on the site, as did the College Hill neighborhood Association (CHNA) and PPS. However, the design for the new structure could be considerably improved, and questions arose over public sidewalk space if a restaurant occupied the ground level, and the difference in shadows that the new building would cast if it was five stories and 61 feet versus only 4 stories and 50 feet. The Commission voted to approve the master plan for the site without the height allowance, and ordered a shadow study to be undertaken. The height allowance and further design review would be taken up at the March 2016 CPC meeting.

PPS extended an invitation to the developers to present in front of their Planning and Architectural Review Committee, but the developers have decided to reevaluate the project, and will not be presenting at the March 15th CPC Meeting.

We will keep you updated as plans progress.

249 Thayer
The proposed design for 249 Thayer Street