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Downtown Providence

Preservation Advocacy

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prospectparkview Preservation advocacy involves raising awareness of Providence's rich architectural history, helping to educate the public on the importance of saving historic resources, and exciting interest in the city's past.

PPS works with neighborhood groups, private citizens, and governmental agencies to offer guidance and preservation expertise on a variety of topics. PPS regularly receives requests for help with historical research, guidance in rehabbing historic properties, and assistance with community planning projects.

PPS advocates for the preservation of historic structures by attending public meetings of the Historic District Commission, City Plan Commission, Downcity Design Review Committee, and the Capital Center Commission to speak for development that will enhance the built environment and to present position statements on matters critical to the future of Providence's historic resources. PPS also meets with neighborhood associations, property owners, architects, and developers to discuss proposed projects and their impact on historic structures.

Preservation Advocacy Programs

PPS works to promote historic preservation through different programs and surveys; committees that meet regularly to discuss critical issues; presentation of awards for preservation-conscious development; and technical assistance.

  • Ten Most Endangered Properties Program: The Ten Most Endangered Properties List calls public attention to important historic resources threatened by arson, vandalism, deferred maintenance, or abandonment. By working with property owners and other interested parties, PPS strives to identify solutions and to bring about positive changes for these historic buildings.
  • Historic Preservation Awards: PPS recognizes significant contributions to the preservation of Providence’s historic resources. The PPS Preservation Awards are given to individuals, organizations, and businesses that have made significant achievements in the preservation of the city's historical and architectural resources.
  • National Register Districts: Providence has over 30 National Register Districts, a testament to the rich architectural history of the city. PPS advises and participates in the application process to officially list those areas of the city identified as eligible for National Register District designation.
  • Planning and Architectural Review (PAR) Committee: Local professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, preservation, and historic rehabilitation comprise this committee which reviews and advises on rehabilitation of historic properties, new construction in historic areas, and urban design issues. PPS’s participation in the design review process has established its credibility as arbiter and advocate.