59 Williams Street / 6 John Street

Cottage and garage on Williams St.

Two items appeared on the June agenda of the Historic District Commission (HDC) that represent the breadth of activity that can take place in local historic districts: demolition, relocation, new construction, and additions to existing structures. The good news is that these parcels are within the College Hill Local Historic District and, therefore, these changes and other exterior alterations are reviewed and scrutinized by the HDC staff and commissioners.

Site map (not to scale)

The two related projects on John and Williams Streets have drawn much attention. At HDC, the development team received approval to demolish a 20th c. garage on Williams Street, but their application to relocate and add to the Victorian cottage on Williams Street and preliminary review of new construction on John Street were continued to the next HDC meeting. A discrepancy regarding the parcel map — from the CPC-approved resubdivision (March 2019) creating three lots from two — was the source of dispute.

PPS is working with concerned neighbors and elected officials to improve communication and understanding between the development team and abutting property owners.

We encourage you to read the HDC Standards and Guidelines to understand the major and minor alterations, site improvements, and more that are under the purview of the HDC.

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