Other Projects

I-195 District East Side Parcels: On May 9, the I-195 Commission hosted three developer presentations for Parcels 2, 5, and 6 on the East Side. Plans are available on the Commission’s website under the April 11 meeting. More info on the meeting here. Chairman Robert Davis invited the public to continue submitting comments through the summer as the Commission deliberates.  At the June 21 Commission hearing, their consultant Utile will give a presentation on their assessment of the three proposals.

*If you were unable to attend the meeting, public comment may be directed to the I-195 Commission here.


Student Housing Ordinance: At the June 19 CPC hearing, the Commission voted to recommend to City Council an amendment to the zoning ordinance proposed by Councilman Samuel Zurier that pertains to student housing.  CPC heard public comment from many neighbors from Keene and Benefit Streets on College Hill regarding the negative impact that unsupervised, high-density student tenants in former family residences is having on quality of life in the historic district.  The amendment would prohibit more than three college students in a dwelling unit of a two-family structure in R-1A and R-1 zones unless it is owner occupied.  This prohibition already applies to single-family structures.  CPC noted that while not a last step in addressing this problem, the amendment is a good first step.  In addition to the positive Council referral, CPC will activate a sub-committee to review the ordinance further, seeking input from stakeholders.

*Next stop: City Council Ordinance Committee (25 Dorrance Street, Rm. 310), June 27 at 5:30.


Parade Street Project: This is a proposal to restore and turn into apartments the 4-story building at the corner of Parade and Oak Streets (dating from 1878, 1925; currently Park View Nursing Home; formerly Miriam Hospital and the Frances M. Andrews townhouses) and build a new apartment building to the south of the existing structure.  So far, the project has received conceptual approval from HDC, a positive referral from CPC to City Council for rezoning to facilitate renovation and construction, and preliminary master plan approval from CPC.

*Next stop: City Council Ordinance Committee (25 Dorrance Street, Rm. 310), June 27  at 5:30.  Further review by CPC and HDC will follow.


Lloyd Avenue: A proposal was heard at the May 19 CPC hearing to rezone a cluster of non-conforming use addresses on Thayer Street and Lloyd Avenue by changing them to R-4, allowing for higher density multi-family residential development.  This City Council Referral did not pass, but CPC indicated that it would be willing to entertain a change at 150 Lloyd to accommodate future redevelopment of the double lot.

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