Other Projects

I-195 District East Side Parcels:

The I-195 Commission is slated to review East Side parcels.  We anticipate that at the November 14 meeting, the I-195 District Commission will consider the future of three parcels on the East Side– Parcels 2, 5, and 6. Three developers are vying for development rights on these lots, located between S. Water and S. Main Streets and flanking Wickenden Street.    

Interested parties should attend. The Commission meets on Wednesday, November 14 at 5:00 pm at the RI Commerce Corporation (315 Iron Horse Way, Ste 101).


On August 28th,  the agenda included a presentation by Biederman Redevelopment Ventures regarding park management for the riverside parks, currently under construction.  Discussion of East Side parcels 2, 5, and 6 development was NOT on the agenda.

On May 9, the I-195 Commission hosted three developer presentations for Parcels 2, 5, and 6 on the East Side. Plans are available on the Commission’s website under the April 11 meeting. More info on the meeting here. Chairman Robert Davis invited the public to continue submitting comments through the summer as the Commission deliberates.  At the June 21 Commission hearing, their consultant Utile will give a presentation on their assessment of the three proposals.

*If you were unable to attend the meeting, public comment may be directed to the I-195 Commission here.


Student Housing Ordinance:

The CPC’s sub-committee reviewing changes to the zoning ordinance’s language regarding student housing met December 13. After a lengthy informative and deliberative process this fall, the sub-committee is prepared to send the draft changes to the full CPC for consideration. This ordinance is not on the agenda for the December 18 CPC meeting.

The CPC requests that public comments, questions, and recommendations about the student housing ordinance to be sent to CPC staff (via cmanjrekar@providenceri.gov).

Due to the concerns of their constituents regarding overcrowding in private student rentals, Councilmen Zurier and Yurdin have both introduced amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to strengthen the restriction on college student occupancy in private dwellings. Cm. Zurier’s amendment was continued at the City Council Committee on Ordinances earlier this month.  At City Council on Monday, Cm. Yurdin introduced an amendment that was referred to the Ordinance Committee; we also expect it to appear on an upcoming agenda for the City Plan Commission. We will continue to keep you posted as we monitor City Council and CPC attempts to improve student housing zoning.

Recent Developments – Providence councilman reverses course on student housing limits


Parade Street Project:

This is a proposal to restore and turn into apartments the 4-story building at the corner of Parade and Oak Streets (dating from 1878, 1925; currently Park View Nursing Home; formerly Miriam Hospital and the Frances M. Andrews townhouses) and build a new apartment building to the south of the existing structure.  So far, the project has received conceptual approval from HDC, a positive referral from CPC to City Council for rezoning to facilitate renovation and construction. The CPC will consider preliminary master plan approval at the  Tuesday, December 18 meeting at 4:45 pm at 444 Westminster Street. For more information go here.


Lloyd Avenue:

A proposal was heard at the May 19 CPC hearing to rezone a cluster of non-conforming use addresses on Thayer Street and Lloyd Avenue by changing them to R-4, allowing for higher density multi-family residential development.  This City Council Referral did not pass, but CPC indicated that it would be willing to entertain a change at 150 Lloyd to accommodate future redevelopment of the double lot.



Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (12 Spruce Street), a 2018 Most Endangered Property is on the August 21st City Plan Commission agenda for a City Council referral for rezoning from residential (R-4) to commercial (C-2).  The church closed permanently in June 2016.  Read more.

CPC meetings take place at 4:45 pm at the Joseph Doorley Municipal Building, 1st Floor Meeting Room, 444 Westminster Street.  Meetings are open to the public.


Welcome Arnold House, 21 Planet Street

The owner of the Welcome Arnold House was denied permission to demolish the house. Instead, his application to remodel it was approved. Is this what the city’s Historic District Commission meant?

According to the Providence Daily Dose, “the significance of this 18th-century structure goes beyond its intrinsic architectural value to the neighborhood. Welcome Arnold was himself a merchant of some note and probably a player in the Gaspee Affair.” Why is it so easy to discard our city’s history? PPS is monitoring this property and will send out an alert as to any new changes.

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