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State Armory, Cranston St, from HABS/HAER

Planning and Architectural Review Committee

Planning and Architectural Review Committee The Planning and Architectural Review (PAR) Committee serves as PPS’s primary planning and design review body. Through a cooperative design review of proposed projects, PPS seeks to promote a respect for the scale, rhythm, and patterns of urban development in Providence and a sensitivity to historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes.

PPS offers the free assistance of the Committee to any project sponsors engaged in Providence. Local professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, preservation, and historic rehabilitation comprise the PAR Committee, which reviews and advises on the rehabilitation of historic properties, new construction in historic areas, and urban design issues. PPS participation in the design review process has established its credibility as arbiter and advocate for historic preservation.

PAR has reviewed and offered comment on many of the building projects and planning studies throughout the city that have helped to shape Providence. Examples of projects reviewed are design guidelines for Downtown, institutional master plans, plans for neighborhood redevelopment, applications for zoning variances, waterfront planning and development guidelines, demolition requests, and transportation planning.

PPS invites project sponsors and designers to present rehabilitation or new construction projects to the Committee for input and dialogue on planning and architectural issues. The Committee also actively seeks out potential presenters who are involved in development projects in the city. The Committee's comments and recommendations are written in a letter to the project sponsor, and PPS staff may continue to work with the sponsor throughout the project. The Committee may also forward its opinion to the PPS Board of Trustees for ratification as PPS's official position on the issue.

If you are interested in presenting a project to PAR, please contact us at .