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2016 Providence Symposium

from 11/03/2016 to 11/04/2016

The 2016 Providence Symposium: Why Preserve?

November 3 and 4

Industrial Trust Building, 111 Westminster Street

The 2016 Providence Symposium, Why Preserve?, will bring together experts from across the nation as well as local stakeholders to examine why historic preservation matters to Providence and all communities. To be held at the iconic but threatened Industrial Trust Building, the Symposium will launch a year of community-based conversations around these foundational preservation questions: Why do we preserve? What do we preserve? Who decides what we preserve – that is, who are “we”? What are the costs of preservation? Who bears them?

Featured in the program will be special guests whose work has had monumental impact on countless cities, communities and historic buildings, including: Curtis G. Viebranz, President and CEO of Mount Vernon; Carl R. Nold, President and CEO of Historic New England; and Dr. Max Page, MS Design Program Director and Director of Historic Preservation Initiatives with the Department of Architectureat the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as author of the newly-published book, Why Preservation Matters.

Join us to find out just what we mean when we say preservation matters!

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