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77 Parade Street

Frequently Asked Questions

Marker What does it mean to have an historic marker?

  • Most importantly, a marker is an honorary recognition of a building that contributes in a positive way to the appreciation and understanding of Providence's unique architectural heritage. Marker houses are examples of both preservation of significant architectural features and appropriate property maintenance.

Can I make changes to my marker house?

  • There are no regulations or limitations imposed on properties after markers have been awarded. Once granted, a marker cannot be revoked as PPS is an advocacy organization, not an agency with regulatory powers. However, we do encourage homeowners to continue to keep their homes in good repair and to consult PPS should they choose to make alterations. If your  house is located within a local historic district, you must go before the city's Historic District Commission (HDC) for any exterior changes to the property, whether or not your house has a marker.   

How can I get a marker?

  • Markers are awarded to buildings that retain integrity of their original design, are appropriately and well maintained, and are at least 50 years old. You must be a member of PPS to apply for a marker. The Marker Committee meets quarterly and will review your completed application at the next upcoming meeting.

The wording on my marker is fading. Can I get a new one?

  • If you are a member of PPS, you can apply for a replacement marker for your property. Replacement markers must live up the same standards as other marker properties. Therefore, your house will be reevaluated to ensure that it still qualifies for a marker.

How do you determine what the marker says?

  • Deed research plays the most important role in this determination, but other sources, such as tax records, wills, and directories may also come into play.  Different forms of nomenclature are appropriate for different building types.