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State Armory, Cranston St, from HABS/HAER

Marker Program Guidelines

A marker house must present itself as an example of both preservation of significant architectural features and appropriate property maintenance. The committee reviewing applications will look to see that the original materials of the house are intact- windows, wall surface, and trim to name a few. All exterior work must be completed including landscaping and painting.

General Criteria

Clapboard & Details
This house maintains its original clapboard, windows, and details.
Exterior Wall Treatment- The material in place must be of the same type and installation as would have been appropriate to the period of the structure. Under no circumstances will any structure with vinyl, aluminum or other similar siding be eligible for a marker.

Exterior Details- All exterior details should be retained or replaced with appropriate forms and materials.

Roofs- Rooflines should be respected, and where it is prohibitively expensive to restore them with original form and materials, modern materials should be used which show sensitivity to the colors and textures of the original.

Broken Fence
A broken fence and poorly maintained yard would disqualify a house from receiving a marker.
Windows- Preservation of historic windows is strongly encouraged. Markers will be awarded on a case by case basis for houses with replacement windows. Replacements should closely match the historic style in material, profile, function and appearance.

Maintenance- All exterior work, including landscaping, must be complete before a house can be considered for a marker.


For Specific Criteria and Guidelines, CLICK HERE (pdf).