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77 Parade Street

2004 Ten Most Endangered Properties

PPS commemorated ten years of its Ten Most Endangered Properties program with the Ten Most Endangered Properties Retrospective exhibit in 2004, at the Foundry complex on Promenade Street. The Foundry was the perfect location for the Ten Most Retrospective as the complex was included on the Ten Most list in 1996 and has been rehabilitated for residential use.

The PPS Ten Most Endangered Properties program was initiated in 1994 in order to prevent one of the city’s greatest assets – its architectural heritage – from disappearing. This “call to action” was intended to promote community understanding of the historic architectural resources within the city and to educate the public on the benefits of historic preservation. The program has provided an opportunity for community input, as local residents, property owners, preservation advocates, and others nominate the properties for inclusion on the List. In addition, PPS has engaged the artistic community by working with professional photographers to visually document the endangered buildings. Annual photography exhibits have connected the preservation community in a very real way to our city’s talented artists.

The Ten Year Retrospective exhibit highlighted not only the successes of the program, but also dramatically illustrated the missed opportunities as well as properties that are still struggling. While losses outweigh successes, each loss reveals threats to our city’s architectural heritage and the continued need for strong advocacy and commitment to stewardship of our historic resources.