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State Armory, Cranston St, from HABS/HAER

columbus theater
The Columbus Theater, a former MEP
The time has come to make nominations for our 2018 Most Endangered Properties (MEP) List! Properties added to the MEP list are given public exposure they might not otherwise receive, and nominations can generate preservation conversation and solutions from all over the city. The precarious state of some buildings may not be readily apparent to its owners or even to PPS.

MEPs are buildings that, if lost, would "erode historic urban character." We want your help in identifying structures of all shapes, sizes, ages, and styles-- from all over Providence. An MEP is important to its neighborhood and neighbors. We encourage you to nominate buildings that matter to YOU.

As you enjoy our beautiful fall weather in the city, keep your eyes peeled for distressed properties of architectural or historical significance that could benefit from some preservation attention. Let's help endangered buildings in the Creative Capital find new life!

Submission deadline: Friday, October 20

Click here to nominate a property