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View down George Street

BONUS: Sneak Peek Inside the General Ambrose Burnside House

314 Benefit St.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak inside the General Ambrose Burnside Home today while I was walking by. It was one of the first buildings that drew my attention when I moved to Providence last summer, and it remains a favorite. I love its curves, Queen Anne window, and how it sits nestled into the corner of Benefit and Planet streets. One of the construction workers was kind enough to let me poke my head in, but not far, and not for long. I did manage to snap a couple of photos (see below) before I was hurried out.

Notice how the curves of the inside stairwell mimic the rounded bay of the building. And I wonder who is pictured in the emblem above the carved wooden fireplace. What do you think?

I was told that the building was in the process of being broken up into seven different apartments, and that the work would supposedly be completed in the next two months.

This building was first listed on PPS’s Most Endangered Properties (MEP) list in 2009 when neighbors noticed that the building was falling into serious disrepair. See this building, and all of the other MEP’s on my MEP map here. Join in on my journey as I visit over 20 MEP’s in 10 weeks by following #mep20

FUN FACTS: General Burnside was a Civil War veteran, rifle manufacturer, US Senator, and RI Governor.

This home was one of the early designs of architect Alfred Stone, who went on to become the most prominent architect in Providence during the last quarter of the 19th century.

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Originally posted on March 11, 2015