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99 Power Street

Providence Preservation Society

Strategic Planning

2014 - 2017

For 60 years the Providence Preservation Society (PPS) has fulfilled its mission to improve Providence by advocating for historic preservation and the enhancement of its unique character through thoughtful design and planning. Over the last decade, the organization and the City of Providence have changed dramatically. There have been changes of leadership in both the staff and board. The economics and civic leadership of Providence have shifted in the recent recession. There have also been significant shifts in the ways we communicate, in the priorities of the public education system, in the demographics of Providence, and in private foundation funding, among other things.

Since 1956, PPS has been a community leader, helping to shape the look and feel of Providence through advocacy for effective public policies that protect historic places and shape new development. For instance, PPS was instrumental in creating a neighborhood revitalization plan in the 1950s — the iconic College Hill Study — using urban renewal funds, the first time HUD authorized their use for preservation rather than demolition. Since that time, PPS has been at the leading edge of historic preservation practice in the United States; we were awarded a National Honor Award for Leadership in Urban Revitalization, Heritage Education, and Preservation Advocacy by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1991. More recently, our Planning and Architectural Review committee has guided redevelopment of the Masonic Temple and design of the Providence Place mall. On a broader scale, the organization has placed an emphasis on the prevention of demolitions in downtown Providence and convened partners to preserve and enhance streetscapes.

PPS understands the benefits of strategic planning and our specific role enhancing Providence’s economic, physical, and educational opportunities. To continue to provide a high level of service to the City of Providence, we are embarking on a process of strategic planning that will set the course for our advocacy and education programs for many years to come.

This process will involve the input of committed stakeholders, community partners, the staff and board, and the community-at-large. Working with two nationally-recognized consultants, we will investigate our existing programs and discuss how to continue to be highly relevant in the decades ahead. Our organizational framework will be examined in depth, including assumptions around existing and proposed financial, staffing and facility plans. We will carefully examine the relationships that are necessary to support the programmatic core and develop an understanding of the critical inter-relationship between what the organization seeks to accomplish and who must be engaged in order to accomplish it. 

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Brent Runyon

Executive Director