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Ornate window transom, photo by Pete Rienhard

Industrial and Commercial Buildings Survey

Industrial and Commercial Buildings Survey The Industrial and Commercial Buildings Survey was conducted through collaboration between PPS and Providence Plan. This survey provides information on over 200 industrial and commercial buildings throughout Providence, a key piece of the city's history. By completing this survey, the city was able to develop the non-contiguous Providence Industrial and Commercial Building District (ICBD), the first thematic local historic district in the country. Buildings within the ICBD fall under the purview of the Providence Historic District Commission (PHDC), which reviews proposed work affecting the exterior appearance of each structure included as part of the district.

This interactive site allows users to search for information by typing in either the street address of the property or the name of the building. Available information includes architectural descriptions, historical narratives, black-and-white photographs, aerial views, mapping, National Register status, and building materials.

Click here to access to the survey database!