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77 Parade Street

First Unitarian Church Parish House Addition, New Construction Award

The First Unitarian Parish House Addition resulted from many years of study and planning by the First Unitarian congregation to enlarge their resources for religious education, church administration, and community fellowship. The congregation asked the architectural firms of Centerbrook Architects and James Barnes Architects to design an addition that would provide the greatest possible new space while maintaining the fabric and historic spirit of College Hill. The design team worked with general contractors Case Construction to create a seamless infill along the south side of Benevolent Street. Project architects worked with the Society’s Planning & Architectural Review Committee and the Providence Historic District Commission to shape and refine the final design. The result meets programmatic requirements of the congregation while respecting the historical significance of the John Holden Greene-designed First Unitarian Church and College Hill. The project has been selected for its sensitive design and craftsmanship in creating a harmonious streetscape along historic Benevolent Street.