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Ionic column

Friendship-Pine and Providence-Tanner Block Project, Neighborhood Revitalization Award

The Friendship-Pine and Providence-Tanner Block project represents a second phase of a larger neighborhood revitalization effort undertaken by SWAP, Inc. (Stop Wasting Abandoned Property). For more than 25 years, SWAP has been renovating abandoned houses into affordable housing throughout Providence for low- and moderate-income families. In recent years, SWAP has focused its efforts entirely in South Providence. More than 30 abandoned houses have been renovated in the last ten years and over 50 new houses have been built in South Providence in the same period. The Friendship-Pine and Providence-Tanner Block project entails the rehabilitation of four very deteriorated historic buildings located within the Pine Street National Register Historic District and the construction of new buildings on ten vacant lots. SWAP worked with Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels, Architects to rehabilitate existing historic buildings while maintaining the historic character of each. The architects also designed new construction comprising multi-family housing that is compatible with the existing historic buildings sited nearby. By creating 31 units of affordable housing, this neighborhood revitalization project also addressed a very real housing shortage in South Providence.