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State Armory, Cranston St, from HABS/HAER

Historic Preservation Awards

The Providence Preservation Society recognizes projects, people and initiatives that contribute to the organization’s Vision and Mission for Providence. Awards are given every two to three years and include a framed work on paper. An independent jury or the PPS Board of Directors will make the final decisions, depending on the category. Not all categories will be awarded each award period; some categories may have more than one winner. Qualified nominees who do not receive an award will receive a commendation from PPS.

Our mission is to improve Providence by advocating for historic preservation and the enhancement of its unique character through thoughtful design and planning. As an organization that celebrates a range of interventions, from small to large, we encourage everyone to submit an award nomination.

Preservation Construction Projects

These awards honor the renovation or restoration of historic buildings as well as new construction that contributes to the built environment. Eligible construction projects include renovation or restoration of historic buildings or sites and the design or construction of new buildings in historic areas that is harmonious with the surrounding buildings and that enhances the urban fabric. Categories of recognition are:

  • Rehabilitation Award: A project that rehabilitates or adaptively reuses an historic structure, interior, or landscape in compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.
  • Design Excellence Award: Projects that include the design and construction of new buildings, additions, interiors and landscapes that respect the historic context in which they are built.
  • Small Preservation Project Award: Recognizing a project (less than $500,000) or component of a larger project that permits an efficient contemporary use, while still retaining the resource’s character-defining features and historic integrity.

  • Sustainability & Innovation Award: Recognizing a project that enhances the innate efficiency of a historic building in a substantial and intentional way, reinforces the “embodied energy” of existing building stock, or that results in an outstanding new design that contributes to sustainability in a larger context. The innovation (e.g. “outstanding new”) component of this category should be sure to emphasize the technical. PPS appreciates new design as well as technical solutions that take into account and strengthen the existing context.

  • Strengthening Place Award: An outstanding project that has had a broad impact on an entire neighborhood or streetscape and that breathes new life into an area. This could include a project that typifies excellence in planning that generally advances the planning profession, or confronts city planning and urban development issues. The project types include design and development issues, environmental policy, housing, community and economic development, and information technology. Pop-up or temporary installations do not qualify unless they have had lasting, observable impact.

  • People’s Choice Award: A project popular among the preservation and design community. May be awarded from any category.

  • At-Large Project Award: A well-regarded project that does not easily fit into an existing category.

Preservation Initiative Awards

These awards recognize special initiatives or commitment to preservation values in the previous year by an individual, organization, community, or group in the following categories:

  • Community Involvement Award: An individual or community organization’s support and/or involvement in preservation issues or projects. The award recognizes significant contributions by the participants involved with a historic preservation project or issue where collaborative efforts have resulted in innovative solutions to solve significant problems. The award recognizes an organization’s or individual’s commitment to historic preservation issues.

  • Education Award: An innovative and exceptional preservation educational programs or curricula. The award is intended for those programs that take a serious step in educating students and the general public about historic preservation in the City of Providence.

  • Public Sector Award: Recognizes exceptional government support and/or involvement in preservation issues or projects. The award recognizes leadership or contributions to the preservation and conservation of Providence’s architectural and cultural heritage (at a city level). The award may also recognize the outstanding service of a public official.

  • Publication Award: For exceptional and original preservation publications or outstanding media coverage of a preservation issue and increases visibility and or awareness of Providence’s historic resources. It may include significant research or writing, published or otherwise, that is made available to the public and contributes to preservation or restoration efforts.

  • Stewardship Award: For long term stewardship efforts on behalf of a significant historic resource. It may be awarded to people or an organization.

Submission Guidelines

Construction Projects muse be completed between January 1, 2013 and August 31, 2016. For Special Initiatives, a significant component of the work must be completed in that time frame.

Email supporting photographs to . “Before” and “After” photographs are required. “In process” photographs are encouraged.

Provide as much information as possible in the form at Awards will be assigned by the Jury or the Board of Directors based on the information submitted and the totality of submissions.