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Downtown Providence

Maddock Alumni Center/Goddard-Iselin House, Material Conservation/Institutional Award, 38 Brown Street

Today we honor Brown University for its continued preservation of this important structure as well as Brown’s decades-long initiative to document the building’s historic features, evaluate their condition and develop procedures for continued care and preservation. This undertaking exemplifies the institution’s commitment to stewardship while employing highly skilled craftsmen to accurately restore the building’s original historic fabric.

Overseen by the House Committee of the Brown University Alumni Association, the caliber of the restoration is extremely high; utilizing a very sensitive approach which requires an exceptional level of technical skill, detail, and commitment. Exhaustive documentation and research uncovered original wallcoverings, paint schemes, historic finishes, fabrics and decorative elements which were re-introduced into the library, dining room, sitting room, entrance hall and parlors. Brown University and the project team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the building and its significant features will remain for future generations and continue to stand as a preeminent example of American residential architecture.