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Westminster Street, circa 1950

Magdalene Ribholtz House, Neighborhood Revitalization Award, 16 ½ Luongo Memorial Square and Andreas J. Stahl House, Neighborhood Revitalization, Rehabilitation, and Restoration Award, 16-17 Luongo Memorial Square

Developer Jon Özbek, of Crescent Partners, LLC, is single handedly restoring seemingly all of the buildings on Luongo Memorial Square, a charming residential pocket of Federal Hill, known to many as the site of the Avery Lounge, formerly the Decatur. This time, he set his sights on the Andreas J. Stahl House and the Magdalene Ribholtz House. The Stahl house, built in 1909, had been vacant for more than fifteen years and was plagued with multiple outstanding liens, building code violations, and exposure to vandals and the weather. With the assistance of the Providence Revolving Fund, the exterior of the building was stabilized. When stripping the shingles, the ghost of front porches removed some 40 years before were uncovered. The porches were replaced and the building is now an exemplar of its historic triple-decker form. In the interior, all piping and wiring had been stolen and had to be replaced. New walls and heating, plumbing, and electrical systems were also installed. The Providence Revolving Fund also served as both a lender and as the State and Federal Historic Tax Credit consultant for this comprehensive rehabilitation.

The Ribholtz House is located directly behind the Stahl House. When Mr. Özbek acquired it, it was nothing more than a crumbling rubble foundation supporting a few walls of rotting framing. Still a legal single-family residence, Özbek decided to reconstruct the house using historic photos provided by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission. The reconstruction of the house has helped sustain the density of this historic neighborhood close to downtown. Project assistance for both houses was provided by Erik Carlson and Michael Fitzpatrick, ESQ.