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99 Power Street

The Armory Revival Company, Neighborhood Revitalization Award

The Armory Revival Company’s Rejuvenation LLC project focuses on historic buildings that are in disrepair, transforming neglected and foreclosed properties into fabulous homes. Founded during the mortgage foreclosure crisis of 2008, Rejuvenation targets blighted properties throughout the West Side and Elmwood neighborhoods. The Providence Preservation Society specifically commends work undertaken within the within the Broadway-Armory Historic District and the Elmwood Historic District. Working in a city with 17th highest rate of foreclosure in the nation, Rejuvenation renews value in these communities by creating housing for largely first time homeowners.

The Frank E. Temple House at 51-53 Wood Street (1905) was acquired as part of Rejuvenation in October of 2011 and rehabilitated in less than one year to restore this house (once awarded a Historic House Marker by PPS) to its former glory. Located in the Broadway-Armory Historic District.

Built c. 1910, the Harold Sutton House at 87 Princeton Street was acquired by Rejuvenation in 2009. Located within the Elmwood Historic District, work included the removal of screens enclosing the front porch, along with the restoration of interior woodwork.

Located in the Broadway-Armory Historic District and built ca. 1870, 65 Grant Street was boarded up when purchased by Rejuvenation in early 2010. The house was completely rehabilitated and sold in 2011.