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ASH NYC and Clay Rockefeller, Rehabilitation Award

Constructed in 1912 by the Episcopal Diocese as a rooming house and “treatment center” for the indigent, the ground floor of 122 Fountain Street likely contained a chapel, while the upper levels housed lodging rooms. By the latter half of the century, however, the building was used for flophouses, nightclubs, and adult entertainment. A storefront on Fountain Street was boarded up with EIFS, and divided light wood windows on the upper levels were removed in favor of vinyl replacements. The first floor was partitioned into several small offices and corridors, and new floor tile had been laid over original multi-colored mosaic tile.

In 2011, partners ASH NYC and Clay Rockefeller embarked on a massive rehabilitation to create an innovative, stylish, and affordable hotel in the heart of historic Downtown Providence. Working closely with KITE Architects, the rehabilitation utilized historic tax credits - ensuring that project team went to extraordinary efforts to preserve the building’s historic integrity. Exterior work included replacing every window, repointing and repairing masonry, and adding a new roof cornice with custom mahogany brackets and standing seam roofing, emulating the original seen in historic photos.

Inside, visitors now find a restaurant, karaoke lounge, and coffee bar, alongside a lobby that features reconstructed ornamental trim and pilasters. Upstairs, the hotel features both luxurious suites, and small rooms with bunk beds. Room concepts and floor plans are completely unique, as they follow the original corridor and room configuration.

The project team would like to thank Christine West and Phil Derby of KITE Architects, financial consultant Lucie Searle, Clark Schoettle and the Providence Revolving Fund, and John Alsfeld and Dan Valcourt of Pezzuco Construction.