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74 Dexter Street

Vincent Buonanno, Restoration Award, WIlliam G. Angell House

Designed by Alpheus Morse, the William G. Angell House at 30 Benefit Street featured some of the most ornate brownstone detailing in Providence when first constructed between 1864 and 1867. By the early 2000s, however, those brownstone quoins, window sills, pilasters and columns had significantly deteriorated.

For owner Vincent Buonanno, matching and faithfully replicating the brownstone elements became an eight year endeavor. The historic brownstone at the Angell House came from a well-known quarry in Portland, Connecticut, which supplied stone for buildings across the country for centuries. When the Portland quarry closed in 2012, Buonanno began to investigate Chinese brownstone samples as an alternative. However, he soon learned of the Quarra Stone Company in Wisconsin, who had purchased a large cache of the Portland brownstone before the quarry closed. Working with Quarra Stone of Madison Wisconsin and its master stone carver Frank Haufe; Providence architect & preservationist Cornelis J. de Boer; Chicago classical Architect Thomas N. Rajkovich; Lombardi Construction of Bristol, Rhode Island and Haven Construction Company of Boston, Massachusetts and its master stone mason, Aldo Ranieri, Buonanno was able to recreate the original design, using laser photography to document the original design. The Haven Construction Company handled the installation of the new columns.

The restoration of the Angell House also included a major repointing by the Lombardi Construction Company, and the replacement of a non-historic tar paper roof with historically appropriate slate. With work complete, the Angell House will remain an intact example of the Italianate style for decades to come

Mr. Buonanno would like to thank the Quarra Stone Company, Cornelis J. de Boer, Thomas Rajkovich, The Haven Construction Company, and the Lombardi Construction Company.