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99 Power Street

William John Tilley House, Residential Rehabilitation Award, 135 Transit Street

This private initiative illustrates the dedication and commitment of property owners, Peter and Katherine Scheidler, to their property and the skill and expertise of Clifford Renshaw, project architect; Kathryn Cavanaugh, preservation consultant; The Preservation Cooperative, contractor; Beckman-Weremay, landscape architect; Robert A. Matthews, garden design; Evelyn Audet, lighting consultant; Ramzi Loqa, structural engineer; and R.K. Baker and Associates, mechanical engineer.

Prior to rehabilitation, the building stood in a deteriorated condition with cramped and poorly designed living spaces. Restoration work included the addition of dormers at the roofline, the creation of a new rear entrance with porch and second-floor balcony, and the restructuring of interior spaces to provide nicer living units. With work done according to historic preservation standards and proper research, the building has become more than a benefit to those who live there, but to the neighborhood as well. The care and effort put forth in the meticulous restoration will help to ensure that it remains an important piece of the Providence landscape for years to come.