Historic Marker Program


The PPS Historic Marker Program recognizes buildings within the city of Providence that contribute to the understanding of our unique architectural, historical, and cultural heritage. Markers serve to identify individual buildings by date and association (usually the name of the architect, builder, or first occupant) and to encourage the continued care and preservation of buildings throughout Providence’s 25 neighborhoods. Eligible buildings — residential, commercial, and institutional — must be at least 50 years old, retain the integrity of the original design, and be appropriately and well maintained.

Once approved, the cost of the marker is $300 for members of the Providence Preservation Society and $325, which includes a one-year household membership to PPS, for the general public. The fee represents the cost of the hand-painted marker and a professionally researched building history, including deed/title research to determine the original owner and construction date. The property owner will receive a copy of the building research and digital copy will be added to our online marker database, The Mary A. Gowdey Library of House Histories.

Replacements for markers awarded within 20 years cost $150 for PPS members and $175 for the general public. Replacing markers older than 20 years requires new property research, and applicants will be charged the regular $300/$325 rate.

Marker Program Guidelines & FAQ


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