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Shakepeares Head Meeting Street stairsFormed in 1956 to respond to the proposed demolition of a number of 18th- and early 19th-century houses on College Hill, the Providence Preservation Society (PPS) has grown from that small neighborhood group to a multifaceted citywide preservation organization.

With a large membership, a professional staff, and countless volunteers, PPS is able to provide a broad range of services that fulfill its mission to improve Providence by advocating for historic preservation and the enhancement of its unique character through thoughtful design and planning. PPS activities, outreach, and offerings include the Festival of Historic Houses, citywide advocacy, homeowner resources, and many other events and programs.

PPS Staff

Brent Runyon, Executive Director: brunyon@ppsri.org

Kate Blankenship, Operations and Advancement Coordinator: kblankenship@ppsri.org

Angela Kondon, Director of Donor Relations and Special Events: akondon@ppsri.org

Rachel Robinson, Director of Preservation: rrobinson@ppsri.org


Providence Preservation Society

24 Meeting Street

Providence, RI 02903


ph 401-831-7440

fax 401-831-8583

Providence Preservation Society Board of Trustees 2018

Christopher J. Marsella, President
Warren Jagger, Vice President
Melissa Trapp, Vice President
Clifford M. Renshaw, Treasurer
Cait Amirault, Secretary

Ian L. Barnacle, Laurel L. Bowerman, Jan Brodie, Kathryn J. Cavanaugh,  Stephen Coon, J P Couture, Paul V. Kappel, Kirsten E. Kenney, Cathy Lund, Miguel Quezada, Patricia Raub, Edmund A. Restivo Jr., Lucie Searle, Martha Sheridan, Kim Smith, Barbara Sokoloff, Rita Danielle Steele, Mark Van Noppen

Wm McKenzie Woodward, Architectural History Consultant

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