2024 Most Endangered Properties Nominations Open

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Nominations for our annual Most Endangered Properties List are officially open!

We need YOU to nominate important heritage resources that you are concerned about. Providence has twenty-five neighborhoods filled with beautiful architecture that make it the city we know and love. For decades, our annual list has advocated for buildings at risk due to neglect, threat of demolition, or critical underuse. However, PPS wants to take it to the next level. Providence is also composed of beautiful streetscapes, landscapes, unique communities and histories, and intangible heritage. We strive to protect all of the elements that define our city’s historic character. This annual List has identified endangered buildings in every corner of the city, but has also highlighted displaced peoples like the Tockwotton Fox Point Cape Verdean Community, sites of cultural heritage like the Urban League of Rhode Island Building, and even the entirety of Providence itself as we face the impacts of climate change.

We depend on you to help keep PPS informed! Maybe there’s a building facing its last days. Maybe there are at-risk places connected to lost or overlooked heritages. Maybe there are vulnerable communities facing displacement. Maybe there’s a generational festival or business that has lost momentum due to demographic or economic changes. What would it mean if we lost these historic resources? Could inclusion in the MEP List provide a platform, and help create vital and sustainable solutions to preserve or protect these people, places, or histories?

It’s your turn to let us know! Submit a nomination today.

The nomination form is easy. Just fill out what you know — but be sure to include a street address. Nominations are due by Friday, October 6. You can visit the 2022 and 2023 MEP Lists here. If you have any questions about the MEP nomination process, email advocacy@ppsri.org.

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