A Message of Commitment

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The Providence Preservation Society and the Providence Revolving Fund stand in solidarity with those working for justice and equality for people of color. We are appalled at the inexcusable deaths of people of color, condemn the violent tactics used against them, and recognize the urgency to reform police practices. The pain and protest we are hearing now is the result of centuries of racism still festering. We are committed to doing better in concert with all those in Rhode Island who are also working to make a positive and long-lasting change.

Our organizations believe in a Providence where everyone thrives, and we are evolving our work to be more responsive and relevant to all of our citizens. At the heart of the preservation movement is the understanding that preserving our past allows us to learn from it and improve our future. As we look to our history, we see the injustice baked into our society, into the buildings that remain and the very way our cities work. Choices made generations ago are laid bare in our segregated neighborhoods, struggling public schools, housing inequities, the unequal health of our neighbors, and a biased justice system. 

We have a long way to go and must do better. Like our partner, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we are working to ensure that our efforts reflect the equal value of every single American in our history and in our culture. In our most immediate work, PPS and PRF are committed to exposing how slavery, urban renewal and displacement, housing policy, and historic preservation are intertwined. We are committed to positive change through lending and other actions that promote equitable economic opportunity. We will continue listening and use what we hear to chart a more inclusive and just course. We will actively invite members of the community to work with us to influence changes in the practice of historic preservation. Moreover, we will continue to advocate for decisions that make Providence a safe, healthy, and equitable community for everyone

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