Board of Advisors

The purpose of the PPS Advisory Board is to continually engage past board members and other members of the community in the future of PPS. Members of this advisory board lend their insights and expertise, as well as contribute financially to provide a strong base of support for our mission-driven operations.

Advisory Board Members:

Oliver H.L. Bennett, Arria C. Bilodeau, Malcolm G. Chace Jr., Sean O. Coffey, J P Couture, Maia Farish, Linton A. “Jay” Fluck, Vance Freymann, Leslie A. Gardner, Karen L. Jessup, Kari N. Lang, Sally E. Lapides, James W. Litsey, Christopher J. Marsella, Marta V. Martinez, Liz Rollins Mauran, Patricia Moran, William J. Penn, H. LeBaron Preston, Clifford M. Renshaw, Carla Ricci, Lucie Searle, Deming E. Sherman, Melissa Trapp, Mark Van Noppen

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