Parcel 9 — I-195 District

11/22/2022 Update:

On November 9, the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission approved concept plans by Pennrose, LLC for mixed-income housing on Parcel 9. This project will move forward with some conditions to a one-part Final Plan Review. You can review the proposal on the Commission website under “November 9, 2022.”

10/26/2020 Update:

Though ONE|Neighborhood Builders garnered strong community support, including that of PPS, last week the I-195 Redevelopment District voted to move forward with the proposal by Pennrose, LLC for Parcel 9 in Fox Point. Find our letter of comment to the I-195 District Commission here.

10/21/2020 Update:

This parcel in the I-195 District currently has two proposals under review, one by local developer ONE|Neighborhood Builders (at right) and one by Philadelphia-based Pennrose, LLC. The I-195 District Commission will consider two proposals for Parcel 9 in Fox Point today (October 21) and vote to choose one to move forward. PPS’ Planning & Architectural Review Committee (PAR) was able to meet with both development teams, Pennrose LLC and ONE|Neighborhood Builders, and review the projects. Find our letter of comment to the I-195 District Commission here.

Instructions for attending the virtual meeting are on the agenda. Find it and the Parcel 9 presentations (under September 23) and analysis (under October 21) here.

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