Most Endangered Properties List

The 1910 Broad Street Synagogue (Temple Beth El), a 2022 Most Endangered Property

Since 1995, PPS has issued an annual list of endangered properties throughout Providence to call attention to threatened heritage and to encourage new thinking about how to save them for future generations. Historically, we have primarily addressed threatened buildings, but in recent years, we have opened our list to threatened intangible heritage, displaced communities of significance, infrastructure, and any heritage resource that helps make Providence the city we know and love.

With each MEP list, we attempt to describe the resource’s significance, current threat, and potential preservation outcomes, and we look for opportunities to work with property owners or concerned groups to advocate for MEPs.

Threats to historic properties include inappropriate development, demolition by neglect, outright demolition or collapse, obsolescence, displacement, and climate change. Please use the sidebar navigation menu to see a list of our most recent MEPs.


Our Most Endangered Properties are now tourable online! Visit our Guide to Providence Architecture to explore MEPs past and present. 

If you have any questions about the MEP program, please email

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