Our Beliefs

Core Values Statement

We respect the past and take the long view. We believe the historic fabric of our city is intrinsic to Providence’s special identity, and decisions made about the current built environment must respect and complement that identity. The core of this is stewardship. Our decisions should be considered in the context of the architectural legacy that we have inherited and the legacy we will leave for future generations.

We value the whole city. Citizens deserve a city that is pleasant, safe, and well maintained, and residents deserve neighborhoods that foster their sense of wellbeing. We believe these traits of a great city are nurtured by preserving places of architectural and historical significance. Preservation sustains the distinctive cultural histories and unique character of our neighborhoods and downtown districts.

 We value design excellence. We believe that all development should conform to the best practices of current urban planning and environmental awareness. New construction should be informed by enduring design principles, honoring the craftsmanship and beauty of our finest historic buildings.

We value partnership and collaboration. The design of Providence’s future cannot be the work of a single organization or of preservationists alone. We know we can accomplish more by working with others who share concern for our city’s environment, economic development, and neighborhood vitality. And we recognize the intrinsic relationship between these concerns and the quality of the places where citizens live, work, learn, and gather.

We recognize the complexity of our mission. Successful preservation requires considerable knowledge and a variety of skills. We must include planners, developers, real estate professionals, financing experts, and city officials, as well as architects and cultural historians, and patiently work to build coalitions of stakeholders. Underpinning these efforts are the commitment and invaluable contributions of our professional staff, volunteers and donors.


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