Houses of the Zodiac

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Your zodiac sign can say volumes about your personality and preferences, and so too can your house. Explore some of Providence’s incredible buildings, and find the style that fits you best!

We have more information on almost all of these properties on our Architecture Guide. If a certain house calls to you, give it a search.


Silas M. Field House

76 Harrison Street

Artistic and just a little caught up in fantasy, octagon houses are the Pisces of the architecture world. This style was popularized in the mid-19th century by leading phrenologist Orson Squire Fowler, but only a few of these fanciful buildings survive.



Rising Sun Mills

Lily Building

For a bold and visionary Aries, loft living is just the thing. These former commercial and industrial spaces have been transformed into cool and convenient apartments that connect residents with bustling downtown amenities.




Ella and Ozro Heath House

J. Parker Ford Bungalows

What better than a sweet little bungalow for the home-loving Taurus who appreciates creature comforts. The bungalow’s popularity took off in the early 20th century, due in large part to the simple, open-floor layout and abundant outdoor spaces.




Colin C. Baker Row House

William Church Double House

How could twinning Gemini be anything other than a double house or row house? These urban styles put an emphasis on symmetry and the sociability of having neighbors (and maybe a rental property) close by. A good conversation is never very far away.



Calder-Robertson House

Anne Barker House

CANCER: Sensitive Cancer thrives in a cozy, family-friendly Colonial Revival style that harkens back to the aesthetics of this country’s earliest days. Colonial Revival houses have had several spikes in popularity — but none more prolific than the early 20th century.



The Box Office

141 University Avenue

Not one to shirk the spotlight, Leos embrace the look-at-me qualities of a post-modern or contemporary style. It won’t look like anything else in the neighborhood and hasn’t yet stood the test of time, but these buildings push the envelope and keep us looking forward.



Dr. Jack & Lorraine Savran House

Eugene M. & Jane S. Nelson House

Logical and practical Virgo is an ideal fit for a mid-century modern home. These buildings’ defining clean lines and open spaces radically changed American domestic architecture and have remained quite popular. This style’s decorative flourishes are subtle, but intentional.


Jeremiah Tillinghast House

Thomas Poynton & Hope Brown Ives House

The carefully considered proportions of a Federal-style house speak to a symmetry-loving Libra. In the purest expression of this early-American style, windows, columns, dormers, and chimneys are all harmoniously balanced. And Federal-style buildings are often just a little bit fancy, like Libras themselves.




Prescott O. & Mary C. Clarke House

Mary L. Hartwell House

If any sign appreciates the fortifying effects of a Tudor Revival, it’s Scorpio. These buildings borrow their imposing form, steeply-pitched, multi-gabled roofs, and half-timbered facades from early English building traditions. The result is a refuge fit for a secretive Scorpio.




Max Nathan House

Morris Levin House

A Sagittarius isn’t afraid to stray from the beaten path and embrace a style that reflects their love of travel and adventure. A Mediterranean style house borrows stucco walls, tile roofs, and classical ornament from Spanish and Italian influences, and is a style that is much more common in the western United States.


Ann Eliza Burgess House

John D. Jones House

Capricorns may put practicality above all else, but a handsome Greek Revival house manages understated elegance alongside function. Uncomplicated and disciplined in its proportions, this style flourished in the mid-19th century, and thousands of classically-inspired Greek Revivals still dot the New England landscape.


Thomas Leavens House

Arthur L. Peck House

Exuberant and quirky, the Queen Anne style was made for Aquarians. These homes typically showcase eye-catching paint treatments and unpredictable, asymmetrical forms, drawing admiration from neighbors and passersby. No two are ever alike.

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