Rehabbers Resources

Preservation of the city’s 35,000+ historic buildings is a team effort, and we believe everyone and anyone can join the movement.

PPS provides resources, community, and skills-building for residents — renters and owners alike — living in and working on old buildings. Each month we share stories, provide helpful advice, and much more. By connecting residents to their homes and the right expertise (and to each other!) we hope to build a stronger future through historic preservation. Visit our Events page for the latest programs.

In addition to regular updates in our monthly e-newsletter, we’re offering…

  • Webinars // virtual conversations with professionals about home maintenance and repair
  • Workshops // in-person, hands-on trainings for homeowners and renters
  • Shop Nights // drop-in programs to meet like-minded DIYers, get expert advice, and work on small projects

Our strategic plan, Democratizing Preservation, outlines the importance of engaging a broader community of people who care about preservation and widening the definition of what counts as preservation in Providence. We want to help residents and owners of old homes to understand how their buildings work, what makes them special, and how they can care for them well into the future.

Read our interview with Jessica Pollack, a Providence resident rehabbing her home and a graduate of our Window & Workforce Training Program, who has since started her own business. And check back soon for more updates! 

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