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Support a vibrant and sustainable future for Providence with a gift to the Annual Fund!

This year has been a special one for our organization. After months of self-reflection, tough conversations, and vital input from our supporters (and our critics), PPS released our new Strategic Plan at the end of 2021. The plan has been our guide for the work we sought to accomplish in 2022 and served as an essential first step in a concerted effort to build an equitable historic preservation practice in Providence, and to advance the well-being of everyone who lives, works, and studies in our city. 

Thanks to our supporters, we developed expanded trades training initiatives, provided accessible educational resources for historic home residents, and introduced updated, inclusive guidelines for our long-running historic marker program. We also launched a project to highlight and uplift the history of communities of color on College Hill, which we look forward to sharing with you in early 2023, when we unveil our newly renovated headquarters at the Old Brick School House. This work complements and enriches our traditional advocacy and education activities, and furthers our revitalized mission to promote historic preservation, thoughtful design, and people-centered planning in Providence. 

Public participation in these efforts is invaluable to PPS. Whether you’ve attended our (once again) in-person events like the Winter Bash or the Festival of Historic Houses, testified at public meetings, or cared for a historic building, we want to thank you for your faith in our vision of a thoughtfully planned community with dynamic, healthy neighborhoods and affordable, quality housing. This vision can only become a reality with support from donors like you. 

We are confident that next year will offer many exciting opportunities for growth and change, as well as some critical challenges, which we can successfully meet head on with a robust financial foundation. Please consider a gift to the Annual Fund, and support a vibrant and sustainable future for Providence! 

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