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Job: Project Coordinator, Spring 2021

Project: Window and Workforce Training Program

The Window and Workforce Training Program (WWTP) is the first component in our organization’s effort to elevate training in the traditional building trades. It is a hands-on training program that will offer valuable training to under- and unemployed Rhode Island residents that will allow them to: 

Under the guidance and supervision of preservation professionals, carpenters and tradespeople, and business mentors, participants will gain the necessary knowledge in historic window restoration to find employment in the industry or start a small restoration business. During the training, students will practice their traditional restoration skills and gain on-the-job experience. Participants may or may not have a background in construction.

We’re looking for a Project Coordinator who values historic buildings and either possesses, or is interested in gaining, knowledge of traditional building trades. You will be responsible for coordinating our training partners, interfacing with up to thirteen trainees, and ensuring a successful program from start to finish. To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@ppsri.org.


This is a contract position for a total compensation of $6875.
The wage is $25 per hour for a total of 275 hours
There are no associated benefits.
A light lunch will be provided daily during the 5-week hands-on training program.


This is a contract position for approximately twenty weeks (10 weeks in advance of the training program, 5 weeks of training, and 5 weeks following the training program). It is a full time (40 hours per week) position for the five weeks of the training program, with part-time weekly hours prior to and following the training. It is a total of 275 hours of employment.

Although some hours will be able to be completed remotely, some time spent in the office prior to the training will be required, and this position will be almost completely on-site during the training program, which is scheduled to run from April 15 to May 21, 2021.

The Program Coordinator start date will be between February 22 and March 5, 2021.
The Program Coordinator end date will be before June 30, 2021.

Description of Work

The Program Coordinator is responsible for the following:

Minimum Qualifications

Desired Qualifications

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